What We Do

We help organizations and individuals achieve their goals, enhance existing resources, and experience the extraordinary. We offer consulting, workshops, training, and coaching services.

We’ll work with you and/or your company to develop a unique compass to navigate you toward excellence; enabling you to flourish while finding meaning and satisfaction along the way.

We have created programs, workshops, presentations and more for our clients including
Communication and presentation skills
Conflict resolution, mediation and managing difficult conversations
Dealing with burnout
Executive and Leadership coaching
Hybrid and remote work
Intergenerational workplace issues
Mentorship program design
Performance management
Positive psychology, positive organizational scholarship
Workplace engagement and resilience

Whether you want to optimize your organization or advance and grow in your personal career, we can help!

Big or small, your business deserves the best. Learn about the three pillars that can help your firm become a magnet for talent and model of success.

Everybody can benefit from career support from time to time. Compass Consultants can set you up for success, whether you’re moving up or moving on.

Want to help your team succeed? Find out how to create growth opportunities within your current organization.


Organizational Success

Strong Leadership — Every individual has the capacity to be a great leader. We’ll identify and harness internal strengths to cope with crises, enhance your overall company growth, and drive profits. Together, we’ll craft a customized roadmap that helps your leaders lead and your employees thrive, equipping your organization to better manage complicated situations, savor success, and inspire others.
Employee Performance — All firms need to periodically evaluate employee performance. Traditional review programs often emphasize problems over strengths - an orientation that can generate dissatisfaction and poor results. We design review processes that get to the heart of what’s working well and facilitate lasting change. We will bring innovative solutions to your organization to enhance employee engagement and commitment at all levels.
Successful Transitions — Transitions require us to let go of what was and move toward what will be. In an ever-changing business environment, firms must be able to adapt and grow. We help organizations draw upon their strengths and strategically allocate resources - all while positively and authentically communicating changes to employees. Through deliberate action, assessments, and a continued focus on new opportunities, we’ll enable you to reach the best possible outcome.

Individual Excellence

While there are many individual-focused career approaches out there, our experience has demonstrated that a process grounded in Positive Organizational Scholarship can generate extraordinary paths to excellence.

Why? Well, the keys to unlocking possibilities, developing skills, and realizing personal and professional goals are found in using one’s strengths.

Why coaching? Because it works! Coaching highlights what is going well and what is not.  Our coaching approach helps you identify your signature strengths, amplify your best qualities, achieve your objectives, and showcase abilities in the workplace. In one-on-one or small-group sessions, you’ll learn to match your skills with optimal courses of action, balance conflicting objectives, and align intention with behavior. We can guide you toward satisfaction in your current role or in a promising new direction.

On the organizational side, it’s just as important for firms to focus on all individuals as it is to support ‘high potentials,’ leaders, and teams. After all, no individual or organization stands alone, and every workplace success is a result of the collective effort of its employees. By harnessing your inherent personal capabilities and creating positive environments, both you and your organization can be primed for success. Jump in today!

Professional Development

The organizations that thrive long-term are the ones that put the most care and thought into their employees’ growth. That’s why we work with firms to up their game when it comes to Professional Development.

We create dynamic, specifically tailored, and experiential resources and programs that augment and impart critical skills to maximize personal strengths, build your communication and presentation capabilities, and develop critical conflict resolution strategies.

Professional development is not just about corporate training. The right programs and processes help establish and communicate a firm’s culture and values. We assist you in improving talent acquisition and retention - contributing to a better bottom line. Find out how now.

The Compass

For centuries, compasses have helped people plot their routes and head in the right direction.

That’s what we do, too.

Moving forward requires navigational tools to identify pathways, destinations, and places of interest along the way. Compasses get you from where you are to where you want to be, highlighting your truest path. In the course of your travels, you may encounter obstacles, opportunities or new information that requires course adjustments. A good compass can be your guide.

The directional points on our compass are Nexus, Synergy, Efficacy, and Wisdom.




The “Nexus” is the central or most important point. It links relevant factors with core objectives. Discovering your Nexus is about uncovering fundamental values and strengths and how they connect to goals, intentions, and actions. In essence, it is articulating what’s most important to you or your organization.




“Synergy” occurs when a combination of elements is greater than the sum of the individual parts, leading to extraordinary results. Synergy can occur among members of a team, departments of a company, or reflect the interplay of a unique group of skills in an individual.




Self-efficacy is the belief that one’s own actions can produce results. It requires self-awareness to read situations and accurately evaluate capabilities and self-regulation to calibrate action. Self-efficacy enables realistic goal setting, promotes resilience and resistance to interference, and facilitates problem-solving.




Wisdom is the ability to synthesize and interpret experiences, allowing us to see the big picture as well as the details. Just as individuals can learn from personal successes and failures, organizations can draw upon their institutional memory and that of their members. Wisdom is an ever-evolving mechanism for decoding what was, understanding what is, and planning for what’s coming.