You can’t set goals without answering the big questions. And this one’s huge:

What is work?

Work is more than a paycheck or a list of tasks. Not all work happens in the context of an organization. Work can be a source of meaning and purpose. It can be a vehicle to expand, flourish and master new things. It can provide opportunities to unlock talent, develop skills, and realize personal and professional goals.

We help our clients define key goals and map out a plan of action.

Our process is built upon on the “Three A’s”:

Aim, Act, and Achieve.


Together, the Three A’s create a reinforcing feedback loop – we help you aim (set goals), plan a route, rethink and update as needed and repeat. The three A’s work as a dynamic system, continually evaluating, assessing, recalibrating, incorporating and integrating feedback (positive and negative) with the intention of moving you forward.

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Aiming is setting a path, and to do that, you need your compass.

We work with you, individually or organizationally to ascertain signature strengths and preferences as a central element in establishing your NEXUS. SELF-EFFICACY is harnessed to generate viable, dynamic and meaningful goals to deploy aptitudes as you map a course of action.

This strengths-based approach encourages contemplation, collaboration and commitment as aspiration becomes reality, allowing you to validate what is going well, address what is going less well and embark on your journey.

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Acting is the journey itself.

We help you tap into your natural WISDOM to identify and amplify SYNERGISTIC
connections and possibilities. Our process draws from the best in evidence-based theory and practice from the fields of positive organizational scholarship, organizational behavior, positive psychology, and leadership development.

We support your creation of a roadmap of short-, medium-, and long-term actionable tasks, structures and processes to set you on the path to success. And, we are here to assist when detours, obstacles or new opportunities necessitate course adjustments.

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Achievement contemplates realization of interim and ultimate goals.

Having designed, activated and deployed your compass, you are primed to grow, expand, shift perspective, and act with intention in pursuit of your objectives. We are there to support follow-through, problem-solving, pivoting, and reinforcement of successes. This is all part of a larger shift and we’re with you every step of the way.

Playing to strengths builds resilience, the ability to cope, adapt, persevere, thrive, overcome obstacles, take calculated risks, and to make the best of opportunities. With this pragmatic, research-backed approach, together we can unleash employees’ and organizational potential, turn managers into leaders, and transform businesses into thriving enterprises.

With each step in your development, the process begins anew:
Aim for your goals, Act upon your plans, and Achieve even more success.